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[Full Report]  Published : May 29, 2015
Finding key factors of metabolic syndrome in lifestyle with National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)
[Full Report]  Published : Nov 05, 2014
An approach for a substitution matrix based on protein blocks and physiochemical properties of amino acids through PCA
[Hypothesis/Idea]  Published : Nov 03, 2014
Sex and population differences in intelligence are partly caused by sexual selection: an evolutionary hypothesis.
[Rapid Report]  Published : Feb 25, 2014
Simple Statistical Tools to Detect Signals of Recent Polygenic Selection.
[Full Report]  Published : Dec 24, 2013
The Establishment of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor-associated Protein1 (TRAP1) Transgenic Mice and Severe Fat Accumulation in the Liver of TRAP1 Mice during Liver Regeneration
[Review]  Published : Nov 30, 2013
Gregor Mendel and the Seven Genes (2)
[Review]  Published : Oct 31, 2013
Gregor Mendel and the Seven Genes (1)
[Provisional manuscript] Published : Nov 27, 2013
Factor Analysis of Population Allele Frequencies as a Simple, Novel Method of Detecting Signals of Recent Polygenic Selection: The Example of Educational Attainment and IQ.
[Conference report] Published : Jan 10, 2013
Neuroscience 2012: Annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience
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