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[Full Report]  Published : Apr 25, 2013
Systematic Approach for Analyzing Drug Combination by Using Target-Enzyme Distance
[Essay]  Published : Mar 31, 2013
Development of Information Biology (I)
[Full Report]  Published : Jan 21, 2013
Creating Subnetworks From Transcriptomic Data on Central Nervous System Diseases Informed by a Massive Transcriptomic Network.
[Review]  Published : Dec 31, 2012
Survey on Nucleotide Encoding Techniques and SVM Kernel Design for Human Splice Site Prediction
[Full Report]  Published : Nov 30, 2012
Signaling Interface of Advanced Glycation Endproducts Receptor and Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme Ubc9 Complex in Atherosclerosis and Cancer Cells
[Full Report]  Published : Oct 15, 2012
The Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology Approaches for Vascular Cell Signaling by Advanced Glycation Endproducts Receptor and Small Ubiquitin-Related Modifier
[Rapid Report]  Published : Oct 10, 2012
Prediction of an Essential Gene with Potential Drug Target Property in Streptococcus suis using comparative genomics
[Reports on negative result]  Published : Sep 19, 2012
Bacterial Logic Devices Reveal Unexpected Behavior of Frameshift Suppressor tRNAs
[Full Report]  Published : Sep 14, 2012
Phage Assembly Using ATPES-Conjugation of Major Coated p8 Protein for Possible Scaffolds
[Full Report]  Published : Sep 13, 2012
A Simple and Accurate Genotype Analysis of the motor neuron degeneration 2 (mnd2) Mice: an Easy-to-Follow Guideline and Standard Protocol Applicable to Mutant Mouse Models.
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