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[Full Report]  Published : Oct 11, 2011
Evidence of Sexual Selection for Evening Orientation in Human Males: A Cross Cultural Study in Italy and Sri Lanka
[Rapid Report]  Published : Sep 20, 2011
IntoPub: A Directory Server for Bioinformatics Tools and Databases
[Rapid Report]  Published : Aug 22, 2011
Body Height Effect on Brain Volumes in Youth Decreases in Old Age in Koreans
[Reports on negative result]  Published : Jul 18, 2011
Bacterial Hash Function Using DNA-Based XOR Logic Reveals Unexpected Behavior of the LuxR Promoter
[Rapid Report]  Published : Jul 06, 2011
Optimized Entity Attribute Value Model: A Search Efficient Representation of High Dimensional and Sparse Data
[Rapid Report]  Published : May 06, 2011
G-Networks Based Two Layer Stochastic Modeling of Gene Regulatory Networks with Post-Translational Processes
[Full Report]  Published : Apr 25, 2011
PubMine: An Ontology-Based Text Mining System for Deducing Relationships among Biological Entities
[Rapid Report]  Published : Apr 06, 2011
DMBase: An Integrated Genetic Information Resource for Diabetes Mellitus
[Full Report]  Published : Feb 28, 2011
Inferring Relative Activity between Pathway and Downstream Genes to Classify Melanoma Cancer Progression
[Full Report]  Published : Feb 21, 2011
Morphological Traits of Lotus japonicus (Regal) Ecotypes Collected in Japan
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